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Tips for Adding an Outdoor Shower to Your Patio

Tips for Adding an Outdoor Shower to Your Patio

Naturally, there are different types of outdoor showers available for your patio. Believe it or not, a few of them don’t even require you to have plumbing! If you’ve always wanted to add an outdoor shower to your patio (or any other area for that matter) it is both easier and less expensive than you think.

If an outdoor shower is your goal (and you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t), here are some things to keep in mind.

Determining The Basics

Before you install an outdoor shower to your patio area, you need to decide a few things. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Which type of outdoor shower do you want?
  2. Do you know where you want to put it?
  3. How private should the area be?

It’s possible that you’re not sure what kind of outdoor shower you want yet. That’s okay, we can figure it out! First, what are you going to use it for?

Is it to wash off before or after you swim, to wash off mud and dirt before you go inside, or to keep your pets clean? This helps you determine the most convenient site for your shower, as well as how private the area should be.

Dedicated Plumbing or Not

There are outdoor showers that need plumbing to work properly and stand-alone showers that use just a basic garden hose. What’s the difference?

The simple garden hose option is quick, easy, and cheap. However, it’s also less weatherproof, requires more care, and lacks some of the niceties of dedicated plumbing (a dedicated hot water line, for instance). If you decide to incur the up-front cost of plumbing, there are two approaches you can take. These include:

Install a Hot Water Faucet

You can hire a plumber to install a hot-water faucet next to your garden hose faucet. The latter will be your cold-water faucet. Next, just attach the two hoses to the shower fixture so that you get both cold and hot running water as you shower. With this option, make sure you only use heavy-duty hoses so that they will last and work properly.

Run pipes

A more fixed option is to hook up pipes to the permanent water lines in your home. Mount a shower onto the siding of your home, then run pipes on the side of the house and attach them to the shower fixture. It may be a little more expensive to get this done, but it is also a reliable way to install a shower in any outdoor area.

Tips for Outdoor Shower Installation

Always install a base

Always have a base for your shower, because the person taking the shower will need both stability and comfort. Fortunately, a patio or deck usually makes the perfect shower base, especially because its base is usually made permeable for good drainage and water-resistant to boot.

Drain away from your foundation

Keep in mind that there are various ways for an outdoor shower to drain, and you need to keep that water away from your foundation (this also comes in handy during winterization) (this also comes in handy during winterization). This problem can be solved by installing a French drain or dry well, or even using a drainage pan that is connected to a hose that drains water from the house to another area away from the foundation.

Plan out your enclosure first

If you want extra privacy, an enclosure is a necessity. In fact, even if you will simply be showering while wearing a swimsuit, a little privacy is a good idea. Shower enclosures can consist of a simple shower curtain or a wooden enclosure that comes complete with a hinged door, or anything in between. Make sure the air can circulate around the enclosure so that the area dries quickly to prevent mildew from forming.

Types of Outdoor Showers

Last, but not least, if you want to purchase a stand-alone shower that hooks up to a garden hose, you’ll be glad to know there are hundreds to choose from.

They range from the most basic type to extremely ornate and decorative ones. If you search online stores you can view full-color photographs of these showers, and you’ll also notice they come in many price ranges as well.

This means that nearly everyone can now afford an outdoor shower, and their designs include those made out of galvanized steel and all types of treated wood, showers with water that pours out rapidly or cascades out gently, those that are made to stick into the ground and those that come with bases made out of wood or concrete, and showers that come in a multitude of sizes, designs, and even shapes and colors.

When it comes to outdoor showers, the sky’s the limit because there are so many ways to find and install the perfect shower. With a little research and ingenuity, you can quickly find the outdoor shower of your dreams.

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