Everything You Want to Know About Porch Swings

Porch swings are truly the heroes of most front porches. Many a cool night has been spent swinging idly back and forth in them watching the world go by. Trust us — we know exactly what the appeal is.

We’ve written a lot on the subject, actually. And we want to share our learnings so that you, as a responsible porch swing owner, have everything you need. While they are simple contraptions, things can go wrong! So let’s buckle up and explore everything Captain Patio has to offer in the realm of porch swings.

Crooked Porch Swings

We wrote What to Do When Your Porch Swing is Crooked to help folks diagnose a crooked porch swing. There’s something particularly jarring about trying to swing on a porch swing that isn’t hung straight. Don’t worry — if yours is doing this, it’s completely within the realm of your DIY ability to figure it out.

Keeping Your Porch Swing From Flipping Over

This one should be self-explanatory. How to Keep a Porch Swing From Flipping Over was written because porch swings can and do flip especially when the younger crowd are playing with them. This is a guide to make sure your porch swing stays upright and safe.

The Best Wood to Use For Your Porch Swing

We wrote The Best Wood to Use For Your Porch Swing for intrepid DIYers who want to build their own porch swing. It’s actually not that hard, as far as woodworking projects are concerned. I encourage everyone interested to try. For folks who decide to, this article will explore the different woods you can use when building your own.

Saving Your House From Porch Swing Dings

If you’ve accidentally hung your porch swing a bit too close to your house, there’s a good chance it’s hitting your house when swinging at full speed. We wrote How to Keep a Porch Swing From Hitting Your House to keep this from happening.

Putting a Porch Swing Underneath Your Double Deck

Did you know that a porch isn’t the only place to hang a porch swing? People often ask where else you can hang them, which is why we wrote Can You Hang a Porch Swing Under Your Deck?. I won’t bury the lede — you can hang one under your deck. But for all the considerations involved, I’d still read the article.

The Hardware Necessary to Hang a Porch Swing (Securely)

If you’re hanging your own porch swing, you want to make sure that it’s secure. That’s why we decided to write The Best Hardware To Hang A Porch Swing. We also opt to buy beefier hardware than we need, but we go through a few options of hooks, eye bolts, and porch swing hanging kits available.

Ensuring Your Porch Swing Can Hold The Weight It Needs

This is a bit related to the last article, but we wrote How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold? to ensure that you don’t put more weight on your porch swing than it can handle. There’s a good rule of thumb, but it also varies a ton!

Keeping Your Sanity By Fixing a Squeaking Porch Swing

Finally, we wrote How To Stop A Porch Swing From Squeaking to help you keep your sanity when you (or your kids) are swinging on your porch swing. It’s often hard to diagnose, but if you’re tired of that squeaky sound, you have to do something about it!