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What’s So Great About Weber Grills?

What’s So Great About Weber Grills?

Early last week, I posted an article about the best Weber grill alternatives. Shortly after, I received an email from a reader in Idaho that simply asked “What’s so great about Weber grills?” I completely understand the question. In a world where so many people pay extra simply for a label, are Weber grills worth the extra money? As a Weber fan myself, I wanted to explore this question and give my take on what makes this specific brand of grill worth the cost.

Build Quality

I put this first on the list for a reason. Weber grills have a reputation of being built to last. This reputation comes from a long tradition of creating products that last. While there has been some controversy in recent years about a quality decline in Weber products, I’ve personally found them to live up to their name.

If you’re wondering what controversy I’m talking about, I’m referring to the Weber family leaving the company many years ago. Some folks claim that since they left, the grills have slowly gotten worse each year. However, I have not confirmed this allegation. As far as I can tell from my Weber Genesis from 2008, they are still well-made and deserve every bit of the high-quality reputation they have.

If you disagree, I’d be interesting in hearing your story in the comments!

Replaceable Parts

Even if there were a small decline in quality, the rich market for Weber grill replacement parts could keep a Weber grill running for years to come. You can simply browse the available replacement parts on Weber’s website for additional confirmation. However, Weber isn’t the only game in town when it comes to additional parts for their grills.

Because Webers are so popular, third-party manufacturers have jumped at the opportunity to create parts for them. This means that you can often find the part you need for cheaper than Weber themselves can provide. However, regardless of where you purchase the part, the bottom line is that Weber grills are some of the most repairable grills on the market. This is in large part due to this market.

Accessory Ecosystem

In addition to replaceable parts, Weber and third-party manufacturers offer a vibrant ecosystem of accessories. From grill covers to rotisseries, there are hundreds of ways to accessorize your Weber grill. These modifications add to the utility of the grills and help ensure that a Weber grill will be the only one you ever need.

If you’re interesting in seeing a complete list of certified Weber accessories, you can check out their entire inventory here.

Legendary Warranty

Weber is so confident in their grills that they offer a generous 10 year warranty for all models. Many cheaper brands and knock-offs can only last a few seasons, so it’s comforting to know that Weber has your back for 10 full summers. The details of the warranty differ depending on the specific model purchased, but generally cover rust / parts at the minimum.

In fact, Weber just improved their warranty in 2017. For full details, check out their site.

Friendly, Encouraging Community

Finally, I’d like to highlight something intangible that other grill brands simply can’t replicate. I’m serious — they could collectively try for a decade and not come close. I’m talking about the amazing community surrounding Weber’s line of grills.

Folks that purchase a Weber grill end up very passionate about it. Many even participate in online forums, sharing their passion for grilling (and Weber as a brand) with other like-minded people. One such community, Weber Kettle Club has thousands of active members and well over a hundred thousand posts. That’s a lot of chatter for a single brand of grills!


By now, I’m sure I’ve convinced you that Weber grills are special. However, whether or not they’re the grill for you is an entirely different question. You can certainly find high quality grills for less money than you’d pay for a Weber. They just won’t be Weber grills.

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