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Why Do Water Fountains Have Two Holes?

Why Do Water Fountains Have Two Holes?

Whether as a kid on a playground or an adult filling their water bottle on a hike, outdoor water fountains keep us hydrated and moving. If you have ever looked closely at a water fountain, you may have noticed it produces water from two holes instead of one. 

Outdoor water fountains have two holes to provide two streams of water that meet. The collision creates aerated water and allows for a smooth flow not interrupted by occasional spraying. Additionally, many think that the aerated water tastes superior.

Let’s talk more about outdoor water fountains and how they work. 

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Water Fountains With Two Holes?

While the idea of a two-hole water fountain may seem strange, it is actually a great way to ensure the water fountain works effectively. So, let’s talk more about why the two-hole water fountains tend to work better. 

Outdoor water fountains with two holes help the stream of water to be stronger, thicker, and easier to drink. The two holes also allow the stream to provide a better arc, and the flatter top allows for easier drinking. 

First, the two streams combine to make one stronger stream. Many people have heard the familiar hiss of air caught in pipes. This happens when too much air is present in the pipes. Not only does it make a strange sound, but it interrupts the flow of water. This can make it a lot harder to drink from a water fountain. 

Two streams can ensure that any interruption from the air in the pipes does not affect your drinking ability. Having two holes for water also makes the stream stronger and thicker. This makes it easier to drink, allowing people to get more water per fountain use. 

Another important benefit of combining two holes into one stream is the arc that forms. The best quality water fountains allow people to drink comfortably, and a tall arc can help with that. This means that users won’t have to bend over as far to drink.

A better arc also creates a flatter top. This flat top allows the user to drink more water with less effort. 

Do Some Water Fountains Only Have One Hole?

Some water fountains have only one hole rather than two. These fountains do not have the benefits of two-hole fountains. Instead, they only provide water from a single source. 

All the reasons we discussed above that set apart two-hole water fountains do not apply to water fountains with a single hole. So, when using one, you may notice that the flow of water is not very strong or often interrupted by air in the pipes. 

You can expect to have difficulty comfortably drinking water from a one-hole water fountain. In fact, if you have used the same water fountain before, you may have noticed a change. Maybe a once strong stream of water is now a short arc with less water pressure.

This can happen if one hole stops working. Using a one-hole fountain simply means it won’t work as well as you may be used to. 

How Does Water in an Outdoor Water Fountain Stay Cold?

Water in an outdoor water fountain will stay cold through solar power or ice. Since outdoor water fountains are rarely able to be connected to a power source, they often must rely on alternative cooling methods. 

Let’s talk more in-depth about outdoor water fountains and how they keep water cold for users, even when it is hot outside. 

Power Source

Some outdoor water fountains can keep water chilled due to connecting to a power source. Water fountains connected to a power source use refrigeration to cool the water. As water enters the fountain, it stores water in a refrigerated reservoir. This reservoir is where the water you drink comes from. 

Since the fountain has a supply of power, it can keep cool no matter how much time passes between uses. So, a power source is the best way to keep water from a water fountain cold. However, a power source is not always available for outside water fountains. So, let’s talk about some other common cooling methods. 

Solar Power

Rather than relying on an electric power source, some fountains keep water cool using solar power. Solar power fountains convert sunlight into energy which replaces electricity. This allows the refrigeration unit to work and keep the water cool. 

This reliance on the sun means that, on a cloudy day, you will not be able to drink cold water, as there is no sunlight to create energy, but this is not always the case with solar-powered fountains. 

Some fountains that use solar power can store energy. This allows them to produce cold water even when the sun is behind clouds. In this case, you will have access to cold water even if the sun is not present. Otherwise, the sun would need to be providing energy for the water to be cold. 

Naturally Cold Water

Sometimes, water fountains do not use any means of keeping water cold. This is more common with older fountains that do not use solar power, but you may be wondering how the water you drink is cold without any kind of cooling system. 

Water fountains pull from the water supply underground. This means that without contact with sunlight or outside temperatures, the water will be cooler than expected. So, it is common for water fountains without refrigeration to still provide cool water compared to the temperature outside. 

The underground water supply is colder than above ground because the ground acts as an insulator. Sunlight is not able to impact underground water sources. So, the underground water is well insulated and cooler than water stored above ground that the sun can reach. 

Why Are Some Outdoor Water Fountains Warm?

Some outdoor water fountains may be warm if they have no power source and the pipe is above or closer to the ground’s surface. This doesn’t mean that a fountain is not providing good drinking water. Instead, water is coming from a warm source. 

If you notice that a water fountain is providing warm water rather than cool, it can be concerning, but warm water doesn’t always mean that something is wrong. If the water fountain is connected to a power source or uses solar power, then the water should not be warm. If it is, this means the fountain is not working properly. 

However, without some sort of power supply, the water can be warm. Above, we discussed that water can be pulled from below ground, causing it to be cool without refrigeration. If the water is warm, it may be coming from below ground. If the water reservoir is above ground and subjected to heat from the sun, this might mean the water is warm. 

This is common for water fountains that are far from the water supply. The farther the water travels above ground, the more likely the sun will affect the temperature of the water. If this is the case, you can usually get cooler water by allowing the fountain to run for a few seconds before drinking. This allows the warm water to leave the pipe and fresh, cooler water to replace it. 

Final Thoughts

Water fountains have two holes to allow for the best possible drinking experience. They provide a solid stream that is easy and comfortable to drink from. Next time you use an outside fountain, pay attention to how many holes you see and how well the fountain works in comparison. 


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