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Will an Outdoor Shower Increase the Value of Your Home?

Will an Outdoor Shower Increase the Value of Your Home?

Now that you are considering selling your home, it’s time to find the best way to get the most value out of it possible. Naturally, you’ll want to first make your home attractive and appealing; after all, your goal is to draw in a crowd and their offers.

But, besides painting and cleaning, what else can you do to increase the value of your home? Have you ever considered installing an outdoor shower? 

There has been a rise in demand for outdoor showers in recent years, meaning that adding one to your home can help increase its overall value. With many prospective homebuyers on the market and few properties with this feature, you are guaranteed to see more offers when it is time to sell. 

Offering the option of an outdoor shower is a great way to increase the sales price of your home. Even the most basic model will add a little boost to your home’s value.

With the many styles and types of outdoor showers available, it is easier than ever for homeowners to create a beautiful, functional—and valuable—backyard. 

How Much Value Do Outdoor Showers Add to Homes?

Interestingly enough, outdoor showers are at the top of the list of the most valuable outdoor features in homes on the market today, right after firepits and grills. 

With that said, you may be wondering just about how much value these outdoor showers add to your home. According to Realtor, a home with an added outdoor shower will see an average of a 97% price-per-square-foot premium. 

So, what does that mean?

Well, the value of your home is decided by an assessor/appraiser; this person is responsible for comparing the prices for all the houses in your area and coming up with an estimated market value for the amount someone would likely be willing to pay for your property. 

If your home has a 97% price-per-square-foot premium, this means that it has a significantly better chance of selling because it has a more sought-after feature than a comparable house without it. 

Why Are Outdoor Showers So Valuable?

If you want to increase your home’s value, you want to aim for it to be better than all the other houses on the market in your area.

Homebuyers want to be impressed, and naturally, they also want to impress others; they’re looking for those extra features of a home that will make others envious. 

What could be any more impressive than a beautiful and well-kept outdoor space equipped with a fire pit, pool, and outdoor shower positioned perfectly in between? 

But what about this feature makes people so drawn to it that they’re willing to spend more on a home for it?

Here are a few benefits you—and your home’s future owners—can expect to reap with an outdoor shower and how they add value to your property:

  • Convenient: Having an extra wash area is a plus for families with children and pets who often run and play outside. It’s also an excellent addition to homes with pools. 
  • Unique: Chances are your neighbors and friends will not have this lavish feature, which will make your home stand out across property listings in the area. 
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Outdoor showers can bring a nice look to your backyard with all the fantastic designs and models available.

Is the Cost of an Outdoor Shower Worth the Value?

Although an outdoor shower can add value to the home, you may be wondering if the initial costs to install it will be worth it in the end. 

Ultimately, it will come down to the type of shower you choose to install:

Portable Outdoor Shower

If you want something more affordable and does not take a lot of effort to install, you should consider the portable shower. 

These showers are used for a quick rinse, usually while camping or at outdoor sites.  The most basic model can be purchased for about $100 (although the models with a portable water heater start around $300.) 

Portable outdoor showers are perfect if you want the functionality of an outdoor shower without breaking the bank. However, although these are the most inexpensive version of the outdoor shower you can find, they usually don’t add much value—if any—to a home because it is a portable, standalone unit that does not have to be installed on the property.  

Wall Mounted Outdoor Shower with Plumbing

Unlike portable showers, wall-mounted showers require to be installed using your home’s plumbing. This allows them to access an endless supply of water (and hot water, at that) without needing an additional water tank. 

Additionally, these units often come with a drainage system, so you can avoid the problem of flooding the yard.

Wall-mounted outdoor showers also come in different designs and models, from rustic wood to sleek chrome, so that you can match the style with your home’s exterior. 

As you might have guessed, these showers come with a hefty price tag. The shower itself can range from $300 to $2,000, depending on if you want to add an enclosure for privacy. If you need to install plumbing for the shower, it will likely cost you around $500 extra

However, wall-mounted outdoor showers will be well worth the cost, especially if you manage to keep your installation costs lower and pick a low-end model, although those with the expensive enclosures will usually add the most value to your home. 

Standalone Outdoor Showers

These showers are like wall-mounted showers, with the main difference being that they don’t have to be connected to your home or garage.

They also don’t require plumbing, so the basic kit is easy to install. Standalone outdoor showers come in different designs and models to match your outdoor décor and leave an impression on potential buyers. 

If you want to add the most value to your home with a standalone shower, you’ll want to invest in a unit with an enclosure, though these will cost you between $2000 and $5000. Don’t forget about the additional $500 if you decide you want to add plumbing. 

Other Things to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Shower

Although the value of your home can increase dramatically with the addition of an outdoor shower, outside of installation costs, there are a couple of other things to consider before you move forward with the idea:

  • Do you have enough space? Although this outdoor feature is nice to have, prospective homebuyers also want to make sure they have ample room in their backyard. If there’s limited space because a larger outdoor shower unit is in the way, this may sway them from putting in an offer.  
  • How much will it increase the water bill? If homebuyers are on a strict budget, they may prefer not to have an outdoor shower, especially if it means that it will otherwise drive up utility bills. 
  • Can you install an outdoor shower? If you live in an HOA, check to make sure it’s okay to install an outdoor shower; in some cases, due to how invasive some installations can be and the regulations and codes that must be met, they may not allow it. 

Final Thoughts

Adding an outdoor shower to your home is a great way to increase its value and potentially sell your property for more when you’re ready to put it on the market. It’s a unique feature that many homes don’t already have, so potential buyers will always look twice before passing on making an offer. 

However, it’s important always to keep an outdoor shower’s installation costs in mind; just because you spend $4,000 on a lovely outdoor shower doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get an extra $4,000 or more when you finally sell your home because of it.

You’ll also need to consider whether it’s actually possible to have it installed and the impact it can have on your backyard’s space and your water bill since buyers will think about these factors too. 

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