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The Reasons Why You Might Have So Many Flies Outside

The Reasons Why You Might Have So Many Flies Outside

Pesky house flies can become a nuisance for many different reasons.

The obvious bother is when you find them buzzing around your personal space. However, these annoying pests also carry plenty of bacteria and germs with them.

What are the reasons you have flies outside, and how can you get rid of them? 

For starters, the reason why you might have so many flies outside is that they may be coming from inside your structure, so be sure to check for cracks around your doors, vents, and windows. How you dispose of your trash can also be another reason.

In this article, we’ll be exploring a few of the reasons you might have so many flies outside, as well as how you can remove them and keep them away for good.

If you’re interested in learning more about these topics, keep on reading. 

Flies Are Coming From Inside Your Home’s Structure

If you find yourself faced with unwanted flies both inside and out, these pests have likely made a home within your structure. To confirm whether this is the case, be sure to check for cracks near your windows, vent, and doors.

If left unchecked, the flies can begin breeding up to two or three new generations within your home’s structure. To avoid this, it’s best to inspect your property. This is especially true if you have unwanted cracks in your foundation that files can find their way through. 

First, identify an area where you feel these files have been entering in and around your home. It’s best to seal this area to avoid any more unwanted pests.

Taking action as soon as possible is sure to keep these outside flies out of your space for good. 

They Are Feeding on Decaying Materials

You’ve likely found a whole swarm of flies near your outside trash cans. Flies are attracted to any leftover food residue that you’re keeping in your bins.

It’s essential to properly dispose of your trash and keep this area as clean as possible. 

It’s best to clean out your trash bins often. Thisremoves any food particles and other unwanted substances that may have made a home inside.

In fact, keeping your trash bins cleaner will ensure fewer flies flock to the area. It will also keep space cleaner and free of unwanted pests.

On top of washing and cleaning out your cans regularly, it’s also recommended to use trash can liners. This keeps your bins free of unwanted food residue building up over time.

It’s also essential to ensure that your containers are closed when not in use. This will keep the majority of these pesky flies away from your trash. 

The Environment Is to Their Liking

Files enjoy warm and well-light environments, which is why they are active near certain areas near your home. This also explains why you may find more flies outdoors during certain seasons than others.

While you can’t control the climate, there are plenty of steps you can take to avoid having a large number of flies in your space. This is especially important during the summer.

As we stated earlier, keeping your trash bins free of unwanted food reduces the flies outside.

However, I also recommend that you keep your outdoor landscape clean. Dead leaves and animal waste can contribute to the number of flies you have in an area.

This also destroys their habitat, which will go a long way to reduce the number of flies in your outdoor space.

How To Get Rid of Outdoor Flies

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of how and why you have so many flies outside.

Now that you’ve most likely identified the cause of the outdoor flies, let’s discuss how to permanently eliminate the pests.

Use Natural Repellents

First, I’m not a huge fan of using harsh and potentially harmful chemicals around the house. Luckily, there are plenty of natural solutions to your problem.

For example, there are plenty of plants that will naturally keep pesky flies away. Additionally, plenty of homemade repellents exist that you can create in your kitchen with a few simple ingredients. 

If you’re interested in using plants to deter flies from your outdoor space, you may want to look into lavender, basil, peppermint. There are plenty of benefits to opting for more natural remedies when removing pests from your space. 

For one, plants such as the ones we mentioned above are not only visually pleasing to look at, but they’ll add a pleasant aroma to your space, as opposed to more harsh and potent chemicals that store-bought flies repellents offer.

Other all-natural remedies also include things you can create quickly in your kitchen. For starters, mixing vinegar and dish soap will easily trap flies that have begun invading your outdoor space.

Keeping all these factors in mind will allow you to easily remove flies from your space without using harsh store-bought chemicals. 

Repair Any Exterior Damage

As we stated above, cracks within your home structure are why you have so many outdoor flies. Flies can quickly burrow themselves and begin breeding within your home’s unwanted gaps and spaces, causing them to assemble outdoors where you don’t want them.

It’s best to seal up any space where these flies can enter, so it’s crucial to check areas such as your vents, windows, doors, and walls. Sealing up these entrances will keep unwanted pests out of your space for good.

Perform Yard Maintenance Regularly

Keeping your landscape clean and free of debris is another easy way to keep flies away. As we stated earlier, flies are drawn to dead leaves and animal waste, making areas such as your unkempt backyard a perfect place for flies to assemble. 

It’s best to mow regularly, as well as pick up and remove any dead or decaying debris that may have found its way onto your property. We also recommended keeping any manure or compost a reasonable distance away from your home, so flies don’t end up traveling towards the inside of your home. 

Clean Trash Bins Regularly

Earlier, we discussed the importance of regularly cleaning out the inside of your trash bins. There may be unwanted food residue sticking to the bottom of your trash, attracting unwanted flies.

It’s recommended that you take the time to thoroughly clean the bottom and sides of your bins, removing any unwanted build-up that has made a home inside your trash. Investing in large trash liners for your outdoor containers may also come in handy, as it will help reduce the number of flies you have within this area. 

Keep a Fly Swatter on Hand

Once you have taken all the appropriate action to keep unwanted outdoor flies from taking over your space, it’s best to keep a fly swatter on hand to eliminate any remaining outdoor flies. 

Keeping all these factors in mind will allow you successfully remove unwanted flies from your outdoor space. 


In this article, we discussed some of the reasons you may have so many flies outside. Factors such as yard waste and unclean trash bins are just a few of the reasons you may find a large number of flies congregating outside.

We also explored how you can successfully remove pesky flies by using all-natural remedies and performing regular maintenance on your lawn and inside your garbage bins. Keeping all these factors in mind will allow you to eliminate outdoor flies with just a few simple steps.


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