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What To Do When You Have Too Much Dirt

I bought too much dirt!

Well, spring has arrived. And as you can tell by the above picture, I may have bought a bit too much top soil (there were some raised beds not pictured, but it was still too much!). I know I can’t be the only person to have made this mistake.

I knew one thing for sure, though. The dirt had to get off my driveway before the next rainfall.

As the storm clouds gathered in the sky, I had to think quickly. And now it’s time for me to pass on my wisdom and let you fine people know what to do when you buy too much dirt.

Smokeless Fire Pits Keep Your Clothes Smelling Nice

you can build or buy a smokeless fire pit

Smokeless fire pits? That doesn’t make any sense — can you even have fire without smoke?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? To be honest, you’re right: the term “smokeless fire pits” isn’t entirely accurate.

Yes, smokeless fire pits generate smoke. So why call them smokeless? Well, manufacturers engineer the fire pit’s airflow to reduce the incidental smoke from burning wood. This has quite a few advantages, as you’ll see.

Are they worth it? Should you get one? We’ll explore the ins and outs of smokeless fire pits and before you know it, you’ll be a smokeless fire pit expert.

A Secret Agent’s Guide For Hiding Your Rain Barrel

can you spot the hidden rain barrel?

While everyone knows that I absolutely love rain barrels, I completely understand that they’re not for everyone. Bright blue plastic only goes with so many different color schemes and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to put something like that out of sight.

However, all is not lost! You can easily hide your rain barrel while also enjoying the benefits of rainwater collection.

There are many options at your disposal and if you need a few ideas on how to hide your rain barrel, read on! We’ll cover the broad strokes below.

Properly Painting the Perfect Rain Barrel

personalized rain barrels

Rain barrels are great, but blue plastic is a bit boring. Understandably, some folks are turned away from installing them because the barrels can stick out like a sore thumb in their outdoor space.

However, all hope is not lost. There are many different ways to decorate your rain barrels to make them fit your outdoor aesthetic. One of the cheapest and easiest approaches is by simply painting your rain barrel!

Don’t let the unsightliness of blue plastic prevent you from harvesting your own rain water — I’ve compiled the best ways to decorate your rain barrels.

Can Wicker Patio Furniture Be Repaired?

it's possible to repair wicker patio furniture

Wicker furniture itself is a timeless fixture perfect for your outdoor space. Buying wicker patio furniture, regardless of whether it’s natural rattan or synthetic, makes you a part of a club with membership going back hundreds (if not thousands) of years. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why wicker patio furniture is worth holding on to.

A long time reader contacted us earlier this and it was clear that he felt the same way. His wicker furniture is a bit worse for wear, so he had the following question to ask:

Hey Captain! My wicker lounge chair has seen better days and has started to break. Is it possible to repair my wicker patio furniture?
Jacob Israel

Rather than simply email Jacob back, let’s answer his question here: yes, it’s definitely possible to repair wicker patio furniture!

Rain Barrel Buying Guide for 2020


With droughts becoming ever more common, making the most of a good rainfall can be important. Not only are rain barrels a great way to take advantage of mother nature’s bounty, but they’re also a perfect fixture to any yard.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, I recommend you do so!

However, before you click “Buy it Now” on a sometimes expensive item, you might want to become more familiar with their ins and outs. We’re going to explore what rain barrels are used for, the features you should look for, and so much more. Buckle up, and let’s dive in!

The Thirsty Plants That Soak Up Excess Yard Water (with Pictures)

this tree is great at soaking up yard water

Whether you live in a rain-heavy region (such as the Pacific Northwest or Great Britain) or an area with a lot of moisture in the soil, excess lawn water is no laughing matter.

While water is the building block of all life, too much can drown your foliage and leave you with a serious threat of your yard (and even your home) being flooded. Naturally, you don’t want this to happen.

However, installing anti-flood measures can be costly and make a huge mess.

So why not add some liveliness to your lawn / garden area and install some of these plants that excel at slurping up your unwanted water. Here are the plants to install to soak up excess yard water.

Complete Gas Generator Safety Guide

gas generators are useful but can be dangerous

Gas-powered generators are a must-have for anyone serious about thriving in power outages.

They are efficient, effective, and often portable enough to be transported far more easily than other types of generators. With these things in mind, the reason for their popularity becomes clear.

Even so, extreme care should be taken when using these generators. Gasoline, fire, and electricity are dangerous components by themselves. Combine them only adds to the potential harm. Make no mistake, gas generators can be dangerous.

I’ll always encourage you to use your discretion, and the tips below are an attempt at an exhaustive list. Here is Captain Patio’s gas generator safety guide.

How To Keep Patio Rugs From Blowing Away

with the right gust of wind, any unsecured patio rug can fly away

Wind is often the nuisance of many patio setups. While a cool breeze feels fantastic on a hot day, mother nature sure does take it a bit too far sometimes.

If you live in a wind-prone area, you know exactly what I’m talking about. For the rest of you, simply put in a copy of the Wizard of Oz to get a short glimpse. However, it doesn’t take living in Kansas during tornado season to have a problem with your outdoor rugs flying away.

To that end, let’s take a look at a few smart ways that you can keep your patio rug from blowing away from your outdoor space.

Keeping a Deep Freezer Outside

this deep freezer is built to stay outside

Finding space for all the food in your freezer can quickly become a game of Tetris. We’ve all been there — desperately tying to flip boxes and bags anyway possible to squeeze everything in.

Besides the fact that it’s an obvious hassle, it’s also far from the most efficient way to store things.

On the one hand, famine is still a serious issue in many parts of the world. Having so much food that storage is difficult is a good “problem” to have.

On the other hand, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating in the moment, especially when your kitchen refrigerator starts to fill up. Some have turned to putting a second freezer in their garage – but is that really the solution it promises to be?

It too takes up space better used by other things. What about keeping a deep freezer outside? It’s possible, but not without it’s own problems. However, those problems can be mitigated! Let’s dive in and see what we’re dealing with.