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The 6 Best Outdoor Water Slides For Adults

The 6 Best Outdoor Water Slides For Adults

It goes without saying — water slides are one of the highlights of being a child. Speeding down a watery ramp is the very definition of thrill for younger folks. However, the fun doesn’t have to end just because you get a bit older.

Several manufacturers make water slides that are adult-friendly and are guaranteed to awaken the inner kid in you. But as an adult, which outdoor water slide should you buy? It can be a hefty investment, so make sure that you pick the right one. However, have no fear!

We found the models suitable for adults and reviewed them for you. So without further ado, here are the 6 best outdoor water slides for adults.

WOW Watersports Slide and Smile

If you have a dock or a pool and have been tired of entering using the stairs, the WOW Watersports Slide and Smile is worth considering. As far as outdoor water slides for adults are concerned, this is actually an affordable option (check the price). 

This slide is 108″ x 84″ x 50″ and should allow enough room for two people to race down the slide at once. One of the best things about the WOW products is that there are other attachments and accessories that you can add. You can live out your dream of making your own backyard water park!

The slide has inflatable side rails to help make things a bit safer. Although the WOW is high quality, you will want to make sure that nobody slides down with anything sharp in their pocket or on their clothing. 

The WOW Watersports Slide and Smile is an excellent option for an adult. In fact, you can take it out season after season for entertainment for the whole family.

TentandTable 18-Foot Inflatable Water Slide (with Blower)

If you are serious about an adult-sized water slide, this TentandTable option is a great (if pricey) choice. This is a complete package set with the blower, slide, and everything else necessary to get the slide up and running. 

However, you will need a source of electricity, a hose, and a decent amount of yard space. Although this option may seem very expensive, you have to remember that it is commercial grade and huge! 

When this TentandTable Water Slide is fully inflated, it will be 35 feet long, 15 feet wide and 18 feet high. A nice feature of this slide is that you can use it without the water as well. For those colder days when your kids (and you) still need to get some energy out, you’ll still have it as an option.

The slide is made with very durable material, and there is plenty of visibility on this slide. There are netted protection walls for safety as you make your way to the top of this slide. There is no question that this one will have the neighbors talking.

Aqua Glide Free-Fall Extreme Pontoon Slide

If you happen to have access to a pontoon boat, you may as well also have a pontoon slide to go with it! The Aqua Glide Free Fall Extreme Pontoon slide is an entertaining way to exit the side of the boat and end up in the water. 

This is a completely adult-friendly side as it is quite large. Depending on the boat and the water conditions, you will have a seven to eight-foot drop when using the Aqua Glide Free Fall Pontoon Slide. 

This is a durable option made to hold up for a long time. You will see that the seams are very well bonded, and it comes equipped with UV protection to help from fading as well. 

The inflate/deflate system used with the Aqua Glide is rather simple, and it should not take you very long to get up and running. Overall this is an excellent option for anybody that has a pontoon boat. As most things involving a boat, it’s costly. But just picture yourself out on the water with this baby!

Turbo Chute Extreme Lake Package

Just like you needed a pontoon in our last example, you are going to need a lake for the Turbo Chute. When they decided to name this option the Turbo Chute, they weren’t kidding. 

This is a bit of a water slide mixed with a slip and slide, and it is something you are going to need as soon as you see what it’s like. 

This is a 20-foot long slide that will help you skim across your yard directly into a pond or lake. It is a wide slide so you can send more than one person down at a time. The Rave Sports Turbo Chute also comes with the sleds that you use while on the slide. 

This package comes with starting ramps, the sleds, and the high-speed inflator/deflator. You will need the deflator because of the wall barriers on either side of the slide. The wall barriers are an essential safety feature because you pick up speed rather quickly on this slide. 

Depending on your backyard setup, you may spend a little time getting this setup in place, but it will be well worth it when you get to enjoy this slide.

WOW Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide

The WOW Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide is built for both children and adult use. This is a heavy-duty product that is built to last for more than just one afternoon. You will inflate the sides of this waterslide with the included pump and then connect your hose. 

The best thing about this WOW Watersports is the thickness. A thin slip and slide will rip quickly, especially with the weight of a heavy adult on it. We love the eight-inch high walls to keep you on track. 

This outdoor slide also comes with two sleds to help protect you from the uneven ground and get a bit of a faster ride. As with most WOW Watersports products, you can connect this slide to other slides to make an even more extended option that the 25-foot standard. 

This waterslide comes with a one year warranty.

TentandTable Blue Marble Inflatable Slip n’ Slide

Here we have another option from TentandTable. This is admittedly more like a slip and slide than a traditional water slide (and the low price reflects that). However, it comes complete with a 1HP blower and looks like tons of fun!

The TentandTable Products are commercial grade and built to last for many years. This product is for both adults and children and is a 25-foot long slide. One of the best things about this slip and slide is that it can be used both dry and wet. 

At the end of the slide is an inflated landing zone to catch you after you fly down the track. Since this is a slide and not a pool, there are drains to keep the water level at a safe height. When you attach your hose to the TentandTable, you will notice that there is also a misting system to help keep you cool while sliding. 

The maximum weight for this slide is 200 pounds. 

Buying Guide

Now that we have given you some great options for outdoor water slides for your yard, there are a few things you should think about before purchasing.

Rent or Buy

Many outdoor water slides are available for rent. Although the one day price for rental may seem high, you should seriously consider how often you will use this slide. Is it something that you want to store and bring out next year or do you not want the hassle. If you think it might be a bit much to purchase, look for a high-quality rental company in your area. 


When you look at the pictures of a giant outdoor water slide, you may underestimate the size. Before purchasing, check your yard to make sure that you have a level space that you could place one of these slides. If your yard is not level or if there is a lot of brush that needs to be cleared, you may want to focus on those issues first. 

Outdoor water slides and inflatables should be placed in the grass (warning: it may hurt your grass just like patio furniture does) (warning: it may hurt your grass just like patio furniture does). Putting something on your driveway or patio could result in injury and or damage to the slide.


Outdoor water slides are not a cheap investment, but there is a reason behind that. It has to be made with high-grade materials to make the slide with enough durability to handle adult use. This would not be the time to try and buy a cheap model as you will likely end up replacing it in a short period. 


There are so many options out there, from slides to slip and slides. If you have a boat or a dock or a lake that opens up a whole other window of opportunities. Choose something that works for you and your family both now and a few years from now as well. With the pricing on these slides, you will want a product that lasts for several years. 

Power & Water

When you choose the locations for your outdoor water slide, you must consider that you will likely need power (for the blower) and water. Choose an area that has an outdoor outlet and a hose connection nearby. 

Adding a backyard water slide that can keep the adults and children entertained is a great way to make use of your backyard space this summer.

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