How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold?

You may remember my article from earlier this year when I explored how much weight lawn chairs could hold. Similar to then, I’ve recently been wondering how much weight a porch swing can hold. They’re much sturdier than their lawn chair cousins and (when installed properly) can offer a load of support. But if you’re on the heavier side (like I used to be), you may still be worried about using one or sharing it with a friend. Have no fear! I’ve done a load of research and I’m here to inform you exactly how much weight a porch swing can hold.

Despite what some manufacturers say, porch swings can generally hold more than 1000 pounds of weight. This changes somewhat from model to model, but it boils down to quality of the porch swing material and the strength of the mounting hardware. While some porch swings are rated for less total weight capacity, upgrading the mounting hardware is usually all you need to increase the weight limit.

First, let’s explore different porch swing seats and how they may impact the weight limit of your setup.

Porch Swing Weight Limits

You can easily find mountable porch swings rated for 800+ pounds (363+ kg). This is quite a bit of weight and many folks’ needs are served by these kind of numbers. Before we go shopping for mounting hardware, let’s first look at a couple of heavy duty porch swing options.

800 pounds for a porch swing is definitely encouraging. However, the quality of that piece of patio furniture is reflected 100% in it’s price. If you go down in price, does the weight limit suffer? Let’s look at another model.

Best Choice Products 48-inch 3-Seater Hanging Porch Swing Acacia Wood Curved Back Bench Outdoor Patio Conversation Furniture for Yard, Patio, Deck w/Mounting Chains – Brown
Almost $100 less in price, the weight limit of this Best Choice Products porch swing is only rated at 500 lbs. While this may be fine for many folks, there's a definite drop in construction quality associated with the drop in price.

Finally, let’s look at the weight limit of a budget porch swing. This is the least expensive but highest reviewed porch swing option I could find that still had a decent weight rating.

Jack Post CG-05Z Country Garden Swing Seat, Bronze
This Jack Post bench swing comes in at less than $100, but still manages to be rated for 500 lbs. I'm sure corners were cut elsewhere to make it cheaper than the BCP option above, but it's encouraging to see a sub-$100 porch swing rated at 500 lbs.

These examples should show two things:

  1. The weight limit of porch swings doesn’t change very much from $80-$150 or so.
  2. There’s a noticeable increase in quality the nearer you get to $200.

But like I said at the beginning of the article, the porch swing itself is only one piece of the puzzle. Your mounting hardware also plays a major role in porch swing weight capacity.

Mounting Hardware Weight Limits

Most porch swing mounting hardware can handle 1000 lbs with ease. Even taking the weight of the swing into account, this should be more than enough for most situations. However, you might have noticed there’s a big piece of hardware I haven’t mentioned yet: the chain!

What’s the weight limit for a standard porch swing chain? Using a pair of standard double loop chains during installation, you can expect the following ratings based on the trade size.

Trade SizeWeight Limit (2 chains)
1/0400 lbs (181 kg)
2/0510 lbs (231 kg)
3/0610 lbs (276 kg)
4/0730 lbs (331 kg)
5/0870 lbs (395 kg)
6/01020 lbs (463 kg)
8/01410 lbs (640 kg)

As you can see, the weight limit of standard porch swing changes can vary between 400 and 1400 lbs depending on the trade size that you pick. When picking out your heavy duty hardware, keep this in mind.

Weight Capacity For Free Standing Porch Swings

Perhaps you’re interested in a detached porch swing with a mount? I used to have one of these myself, so they get my full endorsement. However, how much weight does a free standing porch swing hold? As with most things, it depends on the kind of free standing porch swing. Lets look through some examples so we can find the average weight capacity.

Lakeland Mills CFU28 Cedar Log Outdoor Yard Swing, 5-Feet
This free standing porch swing by Lakeland Mills boasts a generous 750 lbs of weight capacity. Because it's made from rot resistant cedar, it's actually quite heavy itself. However, this heaviness also makes it sturdy.

It’s unsurprising that a free standing, solid wood porch swing would have decent weight capacity (although not quite as much as the mounted porch swings above). Let’s take a look at one of the highest rated steel free standing porch swings and see how it compares.

Kozyard Belle 3 Person Outdoor Patio Swing with Strong Weather Resistant Powder Coated Steel Frame and Textilence Seats
Although you'd expect steel to have a higher weight limit than cedar, this free standing porch swing by Kozyard is only rated to hold 525 lbs. That being said, it's quite a bit cheaper than its solid wood cousin and may suit your needs fine.

With those data points, we can say that free standing porch swings have an average weight capacity between 500-750 pounds. As you can see, this is significantly less than the mounted options we presented above.

There’s one final type of product that I’d like to cover. There’s a new trend of folks putting up porch swing beds instead of regular porch swings!

Porch Swing Beds Weight Capacity

I originally assumed that porch swing beds weight capacity would reflect the fact that folks were laying down on them (completely suspended). However, the models that I looked at were disappointing. Not only were they more expensive, but I found that the weight capacity of porch swing beds averaged around 450 pounds. If you’re interested in seeing one of these, here’s a link to one of the better models I found.

What About Porch Swing Springs?

Porch swing springs definitely help soften the swinging motion of your porch swing, but what kind of effect do they have on weight capacity? Unfortunately, they can significantly reduce the rated weight limit of your mounted porch swing. Most sets of springs are only rated for 600-700 lbs (here’s a particularly heavy duty option). For many folks, this weight limit works fine. For others, you may have to skip the porch swing springs and simply attach the chain directly to the mounting hardware.


I'm Chuck (the Captain). I'm passionate about my outdoor space and love sharing my experiences with the world at large. I want Captain Patio to become the best place on the internet to find, share, and learn about all things patio-related. When I'm not keeping up my content schedule, I'm spending time with my wife and two kids (usually on my patio!).

6 thoughts on “How Much Weight Can A Porch Swing Hold?

  1. Hi Captain,
    I have been searching the internet for information on a back yard porch swing. I finally came across your site which has been really helpful. I have built a A-Frame porch swing for our back yard. Whenever I build something I make safety my priority. Therefore, I constructed my frame using 4″ x 4″ treated post and 2″ x 4″ for the swing which I cut down to smaller slats for the swing. All bolts, nuts and screws were zinc coated. Our swing is now ready to hang. However, I am concerned about the chain I have purchased to hang the swing. I was reviewing the specifications on the swing and noticed the weight listed for the chain was 500 pounds. I am concerned will this support the weight of the swing plus two adults weighing 200 pounds each. Perhaps Captain you can direct me in the right direction on this issue. Thank you very much.
    Darwin Justice.

    1. Hey Darwin! I’m hesitant to give advice specific to individual situations. Without looking at your setup, I can’t say one way or another whether or not the swing will support the weight. If you’re concerned, consider buying a sturdier chain for peace of mind.

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