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14 Different Types of Water Fountain Nozzles (with pictures)

14 Different Types of Water Fountain Nozzles (with pictures)

A water fountain can be a beautiful display that looks charming and provides utility by cooling down the surrounding air. They can also create different spray patterns depending on the pumps and nozzles used.

These fountain nozzles can help bring precious oxygen to the fountain or pond water and create amazing-looking water jets for the world to admire. There are several types of water fountain nozzles with unique functions and it’s daunting to try to remember them all.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list for you to reference.

Here are 14 of the top different types of water fountain nozzles:

  1. Traditional single jet
  2. Traditional multi jet
  3. Flat jet
  4. Laminar fan jet 
  5. Rotating nozzles
  6. Bouquet
  7. Bubble foam jet
  8. Cascade
  9. Geyser 
  10. Umbrella
  11. Hollow jet
  12. Water curtain
  13. Fog or mist
  14. Spheres

Let’s look at each type of nozzle’s shape, function, and visual result. I’ll give you all the details to help you determine which fountain nozzle will provide you with the effects you’re looking for. 

1. Traditional Single Jet

Traditional single jet fountain nozzles are cylindrical tubes with one hole for water to come out. The simplicity and functionality of the design make it worthwhile for household and recreational purposes. It is the type of nozzle you may see in traditional hoses and sinks.

This style of fountain nozzle is also commonly seen on drinking fountains. In water fountains, it can add style and sound to a pond.   

2. Traditional Multi Jet

Multi-jet fountain nozzles are one of the most common styles to put on a water feature. It has a cylindrical shape with multiple circular holes on the head, like a showerhead. This mechanism allows for water to spray out evenly throughout the holes. 

If the exit holes are close together, the water will generally form one connected stream. If the holes are further apart, the streams of water may remain separate.

3. Flat Jet Nozzles

Flat jet nozzles are thin and flat with varying widths. The design creates the appearance of a flat, sheet-like spray pattern. 

It is often referred to as a film jet as a result. Depending on the angle of the nozzle, the water exits in a uniform, rectangular fashion or fans out, getting wider as the water moves further from the nozzle. The flat jet creates a flat sheet of water that makes for a stunning appearance. 

4. Laminar Fan Jets 

This is an example of a laminar fountain nozzle

Laminar fan jets have a flat nozzle. The distinctive feature of this fountain nozzle is that it begins as a thin sheet of water widening out as it flows through its course. These fountain nozzles are standard in outdoor fountains.

When placed at an angle, the water can jump from one place to another inside the water feature. The result makes it an aesthetic choice for adjoining ponds. 

5. Rotating Nozzles

Rotating nozzles are dynamic. They work well for water displays, such as dancing fountains. The rotating can move in various directions depending on the mechanical foundation. 

It might move from side to side or in a circular motion. The streams of water will ascend and lower as the water pressure changes, giving it the appearance that it is dancing up and down. 

Here’s a video of this behavior in action.

When combined with lights and music, rotating nozzles can bring water to life and put on a show for the senses. Water shows with these features are typical in central city water fountains, particularly for special occasions. 

Windmill nozzles are another variety of rotating fountain nozzles that move in a circular motion. The speed, rotation, and amount of water can all be adjusted. While these can be attached to a hose for a fun water experience, you can also incorporate them in water fountains for an added attraction.

6. Bouquet

A bouquet jet has an effect similar to the shape of a bouquet of flowers. It typically consists of a cylindrical fountainhead with several rings of waterholes. The outside holes let out a smaller stream of water while the inside rings progressively let out more. 

When the nozzle points straight upwards, the center will shoot off a tall stream of water, and the surrounding rings will be lower.

This multi-level effect creates a beautiful sight often used in classic architectural fountains. 

7. Bubble Foam Jet

This nozzle style creates a bubbly, foam-like appearance. Bubble foam jets work in one of two ways. Air can be drawn into the pipe with a pump, allowing the water to mix before exiting. This type of fountain nozzle can remain above water. 

The other nozzle will remain underwater to draw in water from the basin. The spray can be tall or short, depending on the water pressure. This style creates a calming visual and auditory effect, especially when combined with fountain lights.

8. Cascade

Cascade nozzles are one the most popular types used in architecture. You can find it on many public displays such as parks and government buildings. The nozzle itself is a cylindrical or slightly hourglass structure. 

It draws a water column from the fountain pond and shoots it upwards like a cone. The height of the column depends on the water available in the basin. The result is a stunning, powerful display that attracts the attention of onlookers.

9. Geyser Fountain Heads

The geyser jet is similar to the cascade in that it creates a tall column of water. However, the effect is a whiter, frothier jet of water. The geyser nozzle combines water from the basin, a pipe, and air to make a splashing, powerful projection.

Accordingly, these nozzles should be slightly submerged while mixing air and water simultaneously. 

10. Umbrella 

An umbrella nozzle is also called a mushroom, water bell, or morning glory nozzle. It is a circular nozzle that faces upward in a small body of water. The nozzle remains above water and ejects water smoothly and evenly around the entire circle. 

The effect is a transparent umbrella of water cascading in the air. The unique result is enjoyable to the eye and makes a great addition to ponds and gardens. 

11. Hollow Jet Fountain Nozzle

The hollow jet creates a single stream of water column directly upwards. However, what sets it apart from the cascade nozzle is that the water column is hollow inside. You can combine this nozzle style with light displays for interesting visual results. It looks bell-shaped at lower water levels and more column-like at taller levels.  

12. Water Curtain

Here’s an example of someone creating a water curtain backyard water feature

Water curtain nozzles create an even, 180-degree spray. The nozzle creates an open fan or half circle of water spraying outwards, and it makes a waterfall-like sound as the water pours back into the basin. 

The nozzle is typically cylindrical. Rather than the water spouts on the top, there is a slit in the cylinder tube about halfway down. This design allows the water to fan out in a curtain. 

13. Fog or Mist

The result of this nozzle is in the name itself. It is a thin spray resembling a fog or mist. The nozzle creates a cone-shaped spray of many smaller water drops. While this nozzle type is common in firefighting, it also makes a beautiful water fountain image.

The water misting in the air covers a large area and can catch a lot of light, whether from the sun or deliberately placed lighting displays.   

14. Spheres

This collection of water nozzles is shaped like a sphere, creating an exciting and aesthetically pleasing result. Nozzles may be arranged in unique patterns around the spherical shape and emit water from all angles. 

Alternatively, some are designed only to shoot out water from the top portion. The result is a spherical mist with a powerful cascading waterfall below it. While not one of the more common styles, it can add an attention-grabbing element to a water fountain. 

Here’s an example of a water sphere at work:


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