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Will Wind Chimes Keep Birds Away?

Will Wind Chimes Keep Birds Away?

Birds have many likes and dislikes. I’d like to answer your questions about birds and wind chimes, whether you want birds around or not. Some people believe wind chimes are a viable bird repellent, while others say just the opposite – that wind chimes can attract birds. 

Today, let’s clear this up. 

Some birds will exhibit initial fear around wind chimes; however, most will quickly become used to the chimes and show no trepidation after they’ve adapted. With that said, how the birds react hinges on what type of wind chime you install and how you install it.

Some wind chimes will produce a much louder, more startling sound – this is more likely to alarm the birds. Other wind chimes might attract birds with their sweet twinkling music. This wind chime on Amazon (affiliate link) has a birdhouse built on top, with reviewers saying the birds love it. 

Confusing, right? 

In the sections below, we will outline which wind chimes keep birds away and which do not. 

Will Wind Chimes Keep Birds Away? 

As much as I love birds, I don’t allow them to invade my home.

There’s a happy medium with the birds. If they get too close, they will nest in the lights above my deck. This in turn creates a volatile bird-bomb zone below (related: How to Keep Birds From Pooping On Your Patio).

But, if they’re too far away, I can’t enjoy their morning songs.

Wind chimes are not likely to keep birds away long term. If you are trying to keep birds from nesting in your gutters or deck, I recommend you go with a more extensive bird proofing system. 

With that said, if you want some wind chimes for decorative reasons, and you want to kill two birds with one stone (so to speak), try to install wind chimes with the following characteristics: 

  1. Loud 
  2. Reflective 
  3. Keep chimes in the wind 

Let’s cover these in more depth. 

Loud Wind Chimes 

Loud clanging noises are more likely to scare the birds away.

Like I said earlier, some people think soft wind chimes will attract birds to your home. 

When choosing your wind chimes, look for a set that will make a louder, clanging sort of sound. However, you’ll have to weigh this option with the possibility that the sound may repel you as well. 

Reflective Wind Chimes 

Birds are also perturbed by flashing reflective objects. So, if you can’t get a loud clanging chime, at least get a chime with reflective material. 

Reflective chimes are a nice option because they don’t even need to make noise. However, if you live somewhere that doesn’t get much sun, this option is less effective. 

Keep Wind Chimes in the Wind 

Finally, if you’re trying to keep birds away with wind chimes, place a lot of wind chimes in a windy area. This means avoiding any obvious wind barriers like trees or buildings. 

More wind equals louder wind chimes. And louder wind chimes are more likely to scare the birds. 

Another thing, try moving the wind chimes every week or so. This will keep the birds on their toes, making the chimes more likely to scare them off. 

If you’re having significant problems with birds, then consider looking into more ways to keep birds away from your home. 

Do Wind Chimes Bother Birds? 

For all the reasons listed above (loud, reflective), wind chimes can bother birds. But, this doesn’t mean wind chimes need to disturb your feathered friends. 

If you want to keep your birds happy, here is a list of things to keep in mind when installing wind chimes: 

  1. Avoid gusty areas 
  2. Keep chimes small 
  3. Let the birds adjust 

Let’s look at these further. 

Avoid Placing Wind Chimes in Gusty Areas

I’m not saying you shouldn’t place wind chimes in the wind. Rather, you don’t want to install wind chimes in too much wind. A gentle breeze will suffice. This ensures the chiming sound is soft, sweet, and calming to the birds. 

Keep Chimes Small 

While birds will likely get used to any sized wind chime, a smaller set has several advantages. First, the sound will be less severe. Second, the chimes will be less reflective. Both these things will ensure the birds feel safe in your backyard. 

Let the Birds Adjust to the Wind Chimes 

After installing the wind chimes, it could take some time for the birds to adjust. The birds will watch from afar, making sure those wind chimes don’t have any teeth or claws. 

But, after some time, the birds will likely return. Remember, birds hang out in some of the noisiest places – airports, downtown cities, train stations – they will be okay with your wind chimes.


Wind chimes can repel and attract birds. The result you get from your wind chimes will depend on the type of wind chime and how you install them. 

If you are a serious bird watcher (or serious about keeping birds away), here’s some advice: look up the type of bird you are trying to keep around (or away) and figure out what that bird likes and dislikes. 

To learn more about birds, you can read bird encyclopedias or use sites like All About Birds. 

You will have the most success retaining or repelling them if you study the bird you want to target and then plan your yard and wind chimes accordingly.

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