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Block Wind Effectively on Your Balcony

Block Wind Effectively on Your Balcony

One of the best things about having a balcony is being able to enjoy the fresh air even if you live in an apartment. Unfortunately, you may find yourself not using your outdoor space very much if the wind proves to be a nuisance!

Sure, a light breeze can provide relief on a warm day, but stronger winds can really impact your ability to enjoy your balcony.

The wind blows everything around, it chills you to the bone, and is just generally bothersome. The good news is there are several ways to block the gusts, from screens and fences to potted plants.

Let’s take a look at some clever ways to block the wind so you can enjoy your outdoor space even on breezy days.

Consider Deck Screens

An option that works well for both rental and owned homes are fence screens. They are large pieces of heavy-duty net material that you can attach to your home or a separate frame. There are many reasons that would make this a smart choice for many homes:

  • Lightweight
  • Blocks wind
  • Provides shade
  • Provides privacy — great for apartments
  • Available in many different sizes and colors
  • One of the most affordable ways to block the wind
  • Can be attached directly to your balcony or to an independently constructed frame

If you’re looking for a recommendation, I installed these for a lady a few months back and she had nothing but good things to say about them.

Other Types of Screens or Shades

In addition to the privacy screens mentioned previously, you do have some alternative screen options. Bamboo screens, outdoor shades, and wood or resin privacy screens are all productive and functional possibilities that can help block your balcony from the wind.

  • Bamboo Screens: Horizontal and vertical options available. You can get the roll-up blinds or you can get the dressing room style folding vertical e screens.
  • Outdoor Shades: These multipurpose shades are helpful in more ways than just simply blocking the wind. Many of them are UV and water-resistant as well. They are easy to maintain and come in many styles, including roller and dropdown styles.
  • Wood or Resin Privacy Screens: These screens are great for people that aren’t able to install anything in their homes. They are freestanding, easy to set up, and take down and come in many different styles as well.

What about trellises?

One way to set up a good wind barrier is by installing a trellis.

They can be attached directly to your home or you can set up a frame that the trellis can be mounted to. Trellises are a good option because you can introduce climbing plants which add aesthetic value as well as providing additional protection from the wind.

Can I Use Plants as a Wind Blocker?

Yes, absolutely! Plants are a fantastic way to block the wind from ruining your outdoor relaxation time. I actually cover that in depth in another wind blocking article here.

If you are on the ground level, creating a bed around the perimeter of a patio is an easy solution, but if you’re upstairs on a balcony, you’ll have to get a bit creative.

You can plant shrubs, potable trees, tall grass, or bamboo to help act as a barrier on, particularly breezy days. Just be sure to research beforehand because some plants are not hardy enough to withstand higher winds.

For your balcony’s wind-blocking plants, you will need some sort of containers. You can get large decorative ceramic pots, a 5-gallon bucket, a plastic terra cotta lookalike, or whatever style of container fits your aesthetic and is large enough to accommodate your plants.

Anything else?

Something you will want to look into before making any decisions or more importantly, before spending any money, are your local laws, regulations, lease addendums, or municipal rules regarding balcony furniture or items.

This is a particularly important thing to do if you live in the suburbs and have a homeowners’ association, or HOA. More often than you might realize, they have rules and regulations that govern things you may want to do with the exterior of your home, and that includes the balcony.

They may not permit things on balconies on the second floor or above, that stand taller than a certain height, or they may have a weight or color restriction that you would need to abide by.

On the upside, they may also have a preferred solution to block wind on your balcony, that both functions well and abides by the appearance guidelines of the association.

Always check with the HOA first, since putting up something against their guidelines can often result in stiff fines or penalties for something as minor as, for example, having plants that are too tall.


When it comes to relaxing outside on your balcony, nothing ruins reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee like a sudden and strong wind.

Your coffee is cold and your newspaper is all over the place. Luckily, there are several great options to keep your balcony as the relaxing oasis you intended it to be.

One of the easiest things you can do is purchase a deck fence screen. You can get them for anywhere from $20 to $50+, depending on the size and extra features you choose.

If a screen doesn’t seem like the right choice, a trellis or potted plants could also be effective ways to block the wind on your balcony.

No matter what method you go with, it is easier than you think to effectively block wind on your balcony. Take the next step and try out one of these clever ideas for yourself!

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