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Best Electric Balcony Heaters to Keep You Warm this Winter

Best Electric Balcony Heaters to Keep You Warm this Winter

A balcony is just a marvelous aerial patio. In fact, if you’re an apartment dweller, it might be the only kind of patio experience you can regularly have. Naturally, you want to extend the usage of your balcony into the dreary, grey days of winter.

But how can you accomplish this?

Besides completely winterizing your balcony, you can extend the life of your balcony by months if you purchase the right heater.

And the increased risk of fire of propane may have you looking at electric balcony heaters — for good reason!

We know they’re efficient, discreet, and quiet. But what should you look for when picking out the perfect balcony patio heater? Buckle up, because we’ve compiled the best electric heaters for balconies!

Best Low Profile Electric Heater For Balconies: XBeauty

Unfortunately, balconies don’t generally have the same space as a patio or porch. Because of this, many consumers reach for portable / discreet options when shopping for electric balcony heaters.

In our search, this model from Xbeauty really fits the bill. Available in freestanding and wall-mounted options, it’s a low-profile way to heat your space.

This unit is developed for both indoor and outdoor use and will heat about a 100 square foot area. Unless you have an exceptional case, this should heat your balcony.

The free-standing option stands on a tripod that is quite sturdy and can be easily turned or moved to direct heat in whatever direction you may need. You can also adjust the height of the heater as required.


  • Small and easy to move around
  • Adjustable height
  • Automatic shut-off if overheating should occur


  • Not effective for larger areas
  • Less cost-effective than other units

Best Wall Mounted Electric Balcony Heater: Versonel

If you are looking for a heating unit that mounts to your wall, the Versonel sleek, compact, and perfect for small places like a balcony.

There are a wall and ceiling mount bracket on the back of the Versonel that makes it extremely easy to hand and adjust as well.

The addition of remote control functionality makes us love the unit even more. If the temperature goes outside of your range of comfort, you can simply point and click.

Finally, this is a weatherproof product. It’s suited for the elements (although you may want to take it down or cover it for extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes).

This is a very energy-efficient model that is sure to extend the season on your balcony.


  • Uses infrared heating
  • Very safe
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Easy to hang


  • Potentially too small for large balconies
  • Many have reported confusion with manufacturer’s install instructions
  • This is another costly unit

Best Hanging Electric Balcony Heater: Donyer Power 1500 Watt

From a safety standpoint, we like the idea of hanging and wall mounted electric balcony heaters better. When little fingers and toes do not have access to very hot things, it makes caregivers enjoy their time just a little bit more.

So if you know you will be the one continually saying, “be careful” or “step back,” or “honey, no!” then this hanging electric balcony heater could be an excellent fit for you.

The Donyer is an easy-to-install model and comes with an adjustable chain for easy control. Pull down once for 600W of heat, twice for 1500W, and a third time to turn the unit back off. It couldn’t be easier.

This is a high-quality heater offered at an affordable price and an easy way to get your balcony operational in a matter of a few hours of setup.


  • Very safe overhead model
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust settings


  • Won’t get off enough heat for large spaces
  • Uses halogen heating lights instead of infrared

Best Value Electric Balcony Heater: Mueller Portable

If you are not sure you want to make a significant investment in a balcony heater, the Mueller is a perfect option.

This is a quiet and adjustable heater that you can use immediately.

The Mueller is a lightweight option that you won’t want to leave out during extreme weather conditions. Unlike the weather-proof options above, you must bring it inside after use.

The unit features an adjustable thermostat that allows you to adjust between eleven different temperatures. The beautiful thing about the size of this electric heater is that you can quickly move it to your table if you want the heat to be distributed at a different level.

If your Mueller heater happens to tip over, there is an automatic shut off when it reaches 80 degrees. This should help reduce the chance of fire. However, remember to unplug the heater any time you walk away from it!


  • Small and easy to move around
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Little to no setup involved
  • Great price


  • Won’t heat an extensive area
  • No bells or whistles

Buyers Guide

Now that you have some great options for electric balcony heaters, there are a few things you must consider before you purchase.


Safety is at the top of our list for a reason. If you are not careful about an electric heater, you can cause some severe damage. Make sure that you have nothing touching your electric heaters. When you are done for the night, try to make sure the heater is cooled down and unplugged before leaving it.

If you leave an electric heater running and a chair cushion accidentally gets too close, this can quickly start a fire. Another good tip is to keep kids and pets far away from the electric heater. They give off a great deal of heat, which is why we love them, but also what could cause some significant injuries.


As you saw from our product recommendations, several types of electric heaters could work on a balcony. Generally speaking, people who want something for a balcony are also looking for something efficient as far as space is concerned.

Do you want something that is permanently mounted to the wall, or is it better for you to be able to move a heater from one patio or balcony to another? Pay close attention to the space you have, the weather conditions on your balcony, and what will make the most sense for the long term.


Luckily electric heaters, especially smaller ones that fit on a balcony, are instead cost-effective. Although you will have to spend some money on the electricity used to heat your balcony, this will likely not cost you very much. Most of the time, the heater will be used for a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine. Running an electric heater all day long could be costly, but for short periods it won’t set back that electric bill too much.


One great thing to keep in mind about an electric patio heater is that you won’t need to worry about ventilation. There are no harmful fumes or gases given off by an electric heater, so even if your balcony is partially enclosed, or screed in, you are fine to use an electric heater.


Most electric heaters will advertise precisely how large of an area they can heat. Read these measurements carefully when deciding on the best unit for your balcony. You likely do not need a large heater for balcony space, but you will want to make sure the unit you buy gives off enough heat to make your balcony usable even when temperatures drop.

Final Thoughts

With the number of options available for an electric balcony heater, we know this decision can be a bit overwhelming.

The best thing to do is to consider who will be using it and how often. If you will use your heater every day then a wall mount like the Versonel is a perfect choice. If you just want something cheap and portable that you can use in other areas, the Mueller would be a great choice. Regardless of the heater, you end up making sure that you follow all safety protocols.

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