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Top Rated Patio Chairs For The Elderly

Top Rated Patio Chairs For The Elderly

When we picture older folks on patios, our mind may conjure up an image of a weathered old grandfather whittling away at a handmade doll in his rocking chair. Or maybe even a sweet, smiling grandmother on a porch swing with her grandson.

These are idyllic scenes, but there are many more patio sitting options than porch swings and rocking chairs for seniors today. If we want to hook grandpa up with a great new patio chair, what should we look for?

Don’t worry — I’ve done the legwork and found the best patio chairs for the elderly that you can buy today.

What We’re Looking For

When looking at patio chairs for seniors, it’s important to know what considerations to make. While older folks may be just as sharp as they were when they were younger, it’s natural for people’s backs, knees, and shoulders to start giving them trouble later in life.

Heck, I’m only 33 and I’m already feeling it! All of that being said, we absolutely want to avoid picking seating arrangements that will cause additional aches and pains. Here are some characteristics of our ideal setup:

  • The chair is easy to climb into (and out of).
  • Sitting on the chair does not require bending down or hunching over.
  • The chair offers adequate back support, specifically the lower lumbar region.

If you can find patio chairs that meet the above criteria, your loved ones will surely thank you!

Patio Furniture To Avoid

What should you avoid when shopping for patio furniture for the elderly?

Chaise lounges, for one thing. Sure, they’re comfortable. But they’re very difficult to get out of for folks with mobility issues. I certainly would not put my poor old grandmother in a chaise lounge chair. The exception to what I just said lies in rare models of tall chaise lounges.

Their height makes them very easy to get into and out of. However, these are specialty products and I had difficulty finding enough of them to review. If this ever changes, I’ll add them to this guide or write another one.

With all of that being said, let’s look at some patio chairs for the elderly!

Most Comfortable Patio Chairs For The Elderly

In my research, I looked primarily at high-backed chairs with soft cushions. The chairs in question were easy to navigate into and out of. Additionally, they were constructed from material unlikely to cause discomfort to our grandparents’ rear-ends and backs.

After looking through 50+ options, I’ve narrowed the search to 3 all-star products. Any of the chairs listed below will suit your needs just fine!

ProductMaterialWeight CapacityPrice
AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Chair (set of 2)

Steel, cotton200 lbs (~91 kg)$ (check price)
EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner

Steel, polyester350 lbs (~159 kg)$$$ (check price)
Le Papillon All Seasonal Gravity Chair

Steel, textilene330 lbs (~150 kg)$$ (check price)

You might notice a trend with the models listed above! I’ll let you in on a little secret. Zero gravity chairs can be amazing for the elderly — as long as they don’t have severe mobility problems. The chairs are extremely comfortable, but can be a bit tricky to get out of.

A word of warning — they take a bit of getting used to at first (the way they lean back can be quite jarring). However, once a person gets acclimated, there’s no going back!

What exactly are gravity chairs and why do they make a great patio chair for the elderly? To be a gravity chair, your feet and your heart must be at the same height whenever you fully recline. This does two things:

  1. Distributes a persons weight evenly throughout the chair, making sure that no particular areas are bearing the brunt of the person’s weight.
  2. Reduces the load on your heart by ensuring that it doesn’t have to pump blood against gravity.

You can see why the elderly, or those with aches and pains, might find value in a zero-gravity chair. Now, let’s go over the products I listed above in a little more detail.

AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Chair

This AmazonBasics zero gravity chair is a cost-effective, no-frills implementation of the gravity chair concept.

It includes a removable headrest pillow, which enables the sitter to take plenty of patio naps on lazy days. These in particular can fold down quickly, enabling easy storage when not in use.

Additionally, these are made by AmazonBasics, so you know you’re getting a product of reasonable quality. One thing to take note of: the max weight for this chair is 200 lbs (91 kg).

I would personally be comfortable using this chair on up to 220-230 lbs, but I wouldn’t push it much further than that.

If you’re over 220 lbs, you might consider the next option. If not, you can check out this product here.

EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner

This zero gravity recliner is a beast! Rated for weights on up to 350 lbs (159 kg), it can support larger folks and smaller folks alike.

While large, 6’6″ men have reported fitting in it fine, petite women as short as 5’2″ have claimed it works great for them as well. This is as close to a “one size fits all” option as we can get.

The build quality for this EVER ADVANCED model is superb, although the cushion material is polyester instead of the cotton found in the AmazonBasics chair. While cotton is softer and more breathable, polyester would result in fewer washes (thusly, lower upkeep).

Therefore, it may be a trade-off worth making.

The one negative thing this zero gravity chair has going for it is the price. You could buy three zero gravity chairs from other brands for the cost of a single EVER ADVANCED.

However, the build quality does make the price seem worth it for some folks. The prices fluctuate often, so be sure to check Amazon (link) for the most updated dollar amount.

Le Papillon All Seasonal Gravity Chair

I added the Le Papillon as a Goldilocks option. If the AmazonBasics chair wasn’t sturdy enough and the EVER ADVANCED chair was too expensive, the Le Papillon might be the patio chair you’re looking for.

To be clear, it’s not as well-made as the EVER ADVANCED chair. However, it’s also close to half the price. One bonus is that the Le Papillon comes with a detachable suede cover, making it an attractive option for those that use their patio year round.

It also comes in an attractive navy blue color. Similar to the AmazonBasics chair, it folds up to a compact form factor for easy storage.

Summing up the Le Papillon, it’s great if:

  1. You think the EVER ADVANCED chair is too expensive.
  2. The AmazonBasics chair doesn’t support enough weight for your needs.
  3. You use your outdoor area in all seasons and a modular chair would help your older loved ones stay comfortable.

These are logical reasons to choose this model. If it sounds like the zero gravity chair you’d like for you or your loved one, you can buy it here.

What Do You Use?

Do you use a patio chair I’ve not covered here? Or, perhaps you have some patio furniture hacks for older folks that I’ve overlooked. If so, feel free to add them in the comments and help out your fellow shoppers. I’d certainly appreciate it (and I know others would too)!

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