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The Best Weber Grill Alternatives of 2023

The Best Weber Grill Alternatives of 2023

Maybe you’re looking for a cheaper grill than Weber offers. Or perhaps you’d like to stand out from your neighbors and not follow the crowd of brand loyal Weber enthusiasts.

Whatever your reason, you’re here because you want to find a Weber grill alternative.

Don’t worry — just open up those eyeballs and prepare to absorb some information. I’ve scoured the internet to find the best Weber grill alternatives of 2023.

First, I need to establish what makes Weber grills great.

We all know that Weber is an iconic American brand with a great reputation. But exactly how did they get that reputation? For one thing, they’re built like tanks.

It’s common to see folks grilling with a Weber that they bought 15 years ago.

Not only are they durable, but replacement parts are easily found. This means that on the rare occasion the grill does break, it’s easily repairable.

Whatever alternatives we find are going to have to maintain the same quality (or at least come close).

Without further delay, here are the best Weber grills alternatives that I’ve found:

The Grills

Weber has an extensive line-up of products. I wanted to make sure that no matter which Weber grill you were shopping for that I covered a reasonable alternative.

I know it’s a lot to take in, so here are some handy links to jump to the section you care about most.

However, feel free to read to the end if you feel like looking at some incredible barbecue grills.

Best Alternative Under $500: Char-Broil Steel 4 Burner Gas Grill

Char-Broil Steel 4 Burner Gas Grill

This 4-burner gas grill from Char-Broil is one of the best deals that I’ve seen for a propane-burning grill. If the most expensive Weber options have you experiencing phantom pains in your wallet, this reasonably priced model is sure to fit the bill.

The trade-off for the low price is a slight reduction in material quality. However, as long as proper care/maintenance is observed, this unit should last for 10+ years without breaking a sweat!

Best Upgrade: Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill with Infrared Burners

Napoleon Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill

I wanted to include something on the list that was leaps and bounds ahead of even the high-end Weber grills. This Napoleon Prestige propane grill truly sets a new standard on what a grill can be. Four heavy-duty burners allow your food to cook over direct/indirect heat, while a “sizzle zone” side burner can heat up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds flat. Imagine the kind of sear you’d get on your steak from that kind of heat! Additionally, a rear-burner/rotisserie kit allows an enterprising grill artist to cook multiple chickens at once. There’s just so much this grill can do.

This model is definitely a luxury grill constructed of high-quality material. This is further supported by the very high price tag. But for folks that can afford a high-end grill experience, Napoleon is unparalleled.

Best Genesis Alternative: Monument Grills Porcelain 4 Burner Propane Grill

Monument Grills Porcelain 4 Burner Propane Grill

The Genesis II is one of Weber’s most high-end grills. It comes in a larger size than the Spirit series and can boast having as many as six burners. To find a comparable grill, I had to look long and hard through hundreds of models.

After much deliberation, I finally landed on the Monument Grills 4-burner option. While the quality of materials is lower than the Weber Genesis, the low price and high capacity BTU output make up for it. While many modern manufacturers have been lowering BTU output to prolong the lifespan of the grill, Monument makes no such sacrifice.

With that being said, any buyer should be careful when operating the grill because of that BTU output. Respect the flame!

Best Spirit II Alternative: Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Propane Grill

Fire Sense Palermo Copper Fire Pit

The Weber Spirit II is a capable mid-range model containing 2 burners and ~360 sq. inches of cooking area. I set out to find something that could keep up with the Spirit II in capability, but at a much lower price. Char-Broil came up yet again on my search as a Weber gas grill alternative, this time with their “Performance 300” model.

This grill has about 60 sq. inches less cooking area than it’s Weber counterpart, but manages to pump out roughly the same BTUs. Boasting porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, the grill stays rust-resistant and easy to clean. Amazingly, Char-Broil manages to pack almost the same specifications as the Spirit II in a grill that retails $150 cheaper.

Best Charcoal Alternative: PK Grills Outdoor Charcoal Aluminum Grill

PK Grills Outdoor Charcoal Aluminum Grill

I know this grill looks funky, but hear me out first. This grill’s shape lends itself to being a fantastic combination of smoker and grill. The capsule design is a throw-back to the old 1950s charcoal grills and is a near-perfect reproduction.

The cast aluminum construction is durable, rust-proof and a great conductor of heat. Additionally, PK Grills offers a generous 10-year warranty. This should make you feel a bit better about straying from Weber’s reputation (and the price is just under a comparable mid-range model). The uniqueness of the design coupled with the loaded specs makes this a tempting charcoal alternative to Weber grills.

Best Portable Alternative: Blackstone Table Top Grill / Griddle

Blackstone Table Top Grill / Griddle

A lot of folks aren’t aware, but Weber makes a killer portable grill as well. For tailgates, football games, and camping, the flexibility, and durability of a Weber portable grill is hard to beat. However, after much research, I settled on this Blackstone model as an alternative.

Ranging from 17″ to 22″, this model offers a minimum of 260 square inches of cooking surface. This is generous for portable griddles, but the unit doesn’t sacrifice portability in return. For context, I was able to easily carry this with one arm. The flat top surface cleans in a snap and the built-in grease catcher assists in preventing messes. I found the model easy to carry with one hand.

The grill is a bit pricey compared to other portables, but is still cheaper than a comparable Weber model.

Best Smoker Alternative: EastyGoProducts Big Bad Barrel Charcoal Smoker / BBQ

Big Bad Barrel Charcoal Smoker / BBQ

This unit was meant to be an alternative for the iconic Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker. The Weber version has a legendary reputation among BBQ enthusiasts and has stood the test of time for reliability. I knew that when I chose a good alternative, it needed to be good.

I’m happy to report that this EasyGoProducts Smoker fits the bill (and then some). Although new on the scene, this product has already developed a reputation for quality and effectiveness. The two-layer design is similar to the Smokey Mountain Cooker and it shares roughly the same amount of available cooking area.

The only thing lacking is a fuel door to add more charcoal — in order to add more, you have to completely disassemble the top two portions. Luckily, it makes up for this shortfall by being roughly half the price of the Smokey Mountain Cooker.

Best Electric Alternative: Bar-Broil TRU Infrared Electric Grill

Bar-Broil TRU Infared Electric Grill

Finally, here we are at the last Weber alternative. Here we have Char-Broil making yet another appearance on our list for their infrared electric grill. This is a great alternative for folks looking for the Weber Q 2400 option. Although less portable than the Q 2400, the Char-Broil comes with its own standing mount. This is one less thing to buy, which is a major plus if you’re trying to save money over the Weber model.

The Char-Broil offers only 240 square inches of grilling surface compared to Weber which has 280. However, the infrared offers more even cooking and fewer flare-ups (and more total available wattage than the Q 2400). Additionally, this grill is roughly $120 less than the comparable Weber model, making it a great electric alternative.

So there we have it — the 8 best Weber alternatives that I could possibly find (if you’re interested in some Traeger alternatives, I wrote that article too!).

With the exception of the Napoleon, all of the grills are substantially cheaper than their associated Weber counterparts.

At the same time, I made sure to only pick grills that came close to the quality we all have come to expect from Weber. However, since they’re not Weber grills we should put a little extra effort behind their upkeep.

Keeping The Grill Maintained

Like I said in the beginning, Weber grills have their reputation for a reason. The build quality, repairability, and accessories ecosystem are unparalleled across the industry.

Whichever Weber alternative you choose, you need to make sure that you put some extra care into keeping it maintained. This means no exposure to the elements, frequent cleaning, and winterizing/waterproofing for each season.

Although the grills I shared are cheaper than their Weber counterparts, you still want them to last as long as possible!

Here are some quick and easy tips to make sure you don’t have to replace your grill for years to come.

Use A Cover

If you ignore everything else I tell you, please get yourself a good grill cover and use it judiciously.

So many long-term usage problems can be avoided if you are simply diligent about covering your grill up after each use. Doing this protects the grill from the elements, keeping it dry and protecting it from rust/aging.

Alternatively, you can garage keep your grill. You’ll need to carve out space for it, but keeping your grill inside the garage is even better than using an associated cover.

Where can you get a cover?

Most of the grills I highlighted above offer the ability to get one from the manufacturer. If your chosen model doesn’t, there are many replacements available on any given online retailer.

Clean Grill Regularly

While you don’t have to scrub your grill after each and every use, you should make a point to do some routine cleaning at regular intervals.

Here are some “chores” to assign yourself after every few uses.

  • Brush the grills with a wet paper towel / sponge while they’re cold. Do not do this while they’re hot, as this can lead to injury and actually makes the grates more prone to rust.
  • Check the grease trap, dump it if it’s more than halfway full. Grease spills lead to nasty spots on your concrete. I thoroughly explore that topic in an article on ridding your patio of “black stuff“.
  • Use your propane grill’s burner cleaner (the long, thin metal rod on a chain) to clean out the gas ports at least once per year.

Replace Parts As Necessary

If you notice extreme wear on any given part of your grill, proactively replace it.

Grill replacement parts can be commonly found on the internet and are a relatively inexpensive way to keep your grill running.

While the Weber ecosystem has the amplest inventory, you can probably find something to fit other brands.


We also reviewed the best Traeger alternatives on the market! If you’re in the market for a smoker as well, consider checking the guide out.

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