Can You Winterize Your Porch With Shower Curtains?

As the weather gets colder and colder, it can be hard to accept. In fact, I often choose to delay the impacts as long as I possibly can. With that in mind, I think that winterizing your porch is a great way to prolong the life of your outdoor space. I think you should do it, and I think you should do it every year!

The only question is — should you do it yourself or hire a professional to enclose your porch?

The main problem with professional winterization is cost. Depending on the size of your porch, it can set you back thousands of dollars!

In the meantime (or if you’re frugal like I am), you might be considering the DIY option. And if you’re considering the DIY option, you might have had the idea to use shower curtains! So, can you winterize your porch using shower curtains? We won’t delay, here’s the answer:

If you’d like to learn more about winterizing your porch with a shower curtain, read on! We’ll explore the topic fully.

Why Choose Shower Curtains?

There are many advantages to choosing shower curtains over professional patio winterization. As we said, it won’t be as effective as the professional option, but it will be drastically cheaper. Additionally, it will be remarkably quick to install (and quick to take down).

Finally, maintenance is simple! All you’ll need to do to clean the shower curtain is to hose them off, let them dry, and store them in the warmer months.

Easy Installation

If you’ve hung a shower curtain in your bathroom, you can hang one on your patio. The only difference is that you might need to find something other than a shower curtain rod to mount your curtains on. Often, it will fit but larger porch sizes may have trouble mounting them.

The only caveat is that you need to consider the appearance of your shower curtain. Clear curtains allow sunlight in while still keeping the cold wind and precipitation at bay.

Patterned curtains will block the sun as well, so it’s not as advised. The pattern can also look corny, which can be undesirable for some!

Potential Downsides

Other than a modest up-front cost, there are very few downsides to temporarily winterizing your porch with shower curtains.

However, it can make your porch “stuffy”. If you have an overhead ceiling fan (and the blades aren’t drooping), turn it on for added relief. You can also choose to simply open the curtains briefly to welcome the fresh air into your space.

The same applies for heat. If you have a clear shower curtain, you’re essentially creating a greenhouse. It can get hot! However, the solution can be similar.

Consider Your HOA & Ordinances

Unfortunately, many homes are subject to HOA restrictions and local ordinances. Be sure that if you decide to install a shower curtain on your porch or patio that it complies with those regulations. The last thing you want is a fine or a take-down order!

Alternatives to Shower Curtain Winterization

There are actually quite a few alternatives to a standard shower curtain when winterizing. Many shower curtains are essentially vinyl sheets, so you can buy vinyl sheets directly to cover your patio. This may end up being cheaper depending on the size of your outdoor space.

Plexiglass is another alternative but it can be more expensive than the vinyl option.

Benefits of Winterization

I’m sure you know the benefits of winterization, but in case you need to “sell” it to any other folks, here they are:

  • Helps ensure certain plants can stay alive during the cold winter months.
  • It can help keep heat inside your home, as less heat will escape through your patio door.
  • Offers a reduction in weather exposure for your grills, patio furniture, rugs, doormats, and more.
  • Reduces the amount of time you spent shoveling snow off of your porch or patio area.
  • It extends the amount of time you’re able to use your outdoor space.
  • If you have pets, they may be thankful for being able to spend time in a warmer outdoor space.


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6 thoughts on “Can You Winterize Your Porch With Shower Curtains?

  1. Love your articles! I too thoroughly enjoy my outside space even if it’s only an apartment balcony deck, it’s so important to me and your ideas really help! Thank you!

  2. I hung clear heavy duty plastic shower curtains around my screened porch but the wind is blowing them like kites and they are useless. I need something to weigh them down. I have seen articles to add chains or weights in the hem of outdoor curtains but can’t seem to find what I can use on the bottom of the shower curtains since they don’t have a hem. Can you help???

    1. Wondering if you found a solution? I’m thinking of adding grommets to the bottom and securing at bottom with screws or using furring strips. I like the idea of adding weight to the bottom….perhaps create a simple casing and slip some electrical conduit I have leftover from gardening trellis project?? Curious to know what you used to hang curtains?

      1. Hey y’all! I wrote the reply but never hit send. Magnets can work wonders in this situation. Simply get some heavy magnets and place them at the bottom of the curtain.

      2. I have tried several things and nothing so far has been really successful! My first try was clothespins, plus that would hold the overlapping seams. Didn’t work when the wind blew. I had thought about and tried magnets. They were not heavy enough. I duct taped fishing weights to the bottom. That was not heavy enough. I went through my husband’s workshop and found a number of 10 inch rebar that had been used to hold landscape timbers, duct tape to hold the seams together and duct tape at the bottom to hold against the wall. After a night of 7 – 15 mph wind gusts, I was afraid I was going to wake up to holes in the screen! No holes but the wind actually caused a couple of the pieces of rebar to come loose and the duct taped seams nor bottom held. I can’t imagine what it will be like when real wind storms come through!
        My porch is 14ft. by 20ft. I am really disgusted after investing in rods, curtains, hooks, magnets and can’t tell you how much time and nothing seems to work. I’m about to the point of getting out the electric stapler and staple the curtains to the top, bottom and sides on all the vertical posts on the sides but this defeats my purpose of being able to slide open on warm days!

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