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Is an Aluminum Patio Cover Worth The Cost?

Is an Aluminum Patio Cover Worth The Cost?

Having a patio in your backyard is worth it; it gives an area to host gatherings, backyard BBQs, or just a place to relax, but the sun can be a bit harsh at times, and a little rain can ruin the fun.

One solution to this issue is to buy a patio cover, or more specifically, an aluminum patio cover. Is an aluminum patio cover worth it, though?

An aluminum patio cover is almost always worth the cost. It provides much-appreciated shade for your patio ensuring that light rain drizzle does not become a problem. Aluminum patio covers specifically are great because they are durable and don’t require much maintenance.

Investing in an aluminum patio cover is a great idea, but if you need more convincing, we will be going over even more reasons why you might want to pull the trigger.

Why an Aluminum Patio Cover Is a Good Investment

We established that we think an aluminum patio cover is a great fit for your backyard, but considering that they aren’t exactly cheap, it isn’t always an easy decision. It may not be an absolute necessity, but it is something that will take your patio to the next level. Here are reasons to consider buying an aluminum patio cover.


Aluminum is a metal that is seen in all sorts of products because it is both lightweight and cheaper than other metals, but another thing that it is going for is durability. 

Despite being so light, aluminum is quite durable. It’s water and weather resistant and can hold up under the elements all-year-round. Durability is possibly one of the most important factors for a patio cover in general, and the aluminum variety delivers in this category.

You can expect to have your aluminum patio cover for at least 20 years, provided that it doesn’t get damaged and you do at least some maintenance. But don’t worry, you won’t have to keep too of an eye on your patio cover, which leads us to the next point. 

Low Maintenance

Generally, the only thing you have to worry about with aluminum patio covers is keeping them clean. You can use soap and water to keep them looking new, and they don’t have various problems with wood patio covers such as pests or applying sealant. 

Ease of Installation

Well, “easy” in the relative sense. Since aluminum is so lightweight, it is easier for one or two people to do the installation. Heavier materials may require a larger crew and more time to dedicate to the project. 

Choice of Colors

Aluminum is customizable and can be whatever color you want. You can customize your patio cover to match your home decor perfectly. You can either go for conventional colors or something a bit different. 

Aluminum Patio Cover Disadvantages

Because patio covers are a big investment to make, we want you to have all of the facts to make an informed decision. Aluminum patio covers are great, but they aren’t perfect, and neither is any other type of patio cover.

They Dent Easily 

Because aluminum is so thin and lightweight, they are susceptible to denting. Hail isn’t the only thing you have to be worried about. Tree branches, balls, and projectiles in general can cause noticeable damage. It’s worth considering how much of a chance there is for your patio to get dented (.ie you have kids that play baseball in the backyard). 

They Are Not the Most Attractive of Patio Covers

Aluminum patio covers are seen as something that is more function than form. They don’t look bad, and as we mentioned above, you can customize them the way you like. However, they won’t garner the same attention as a well-made wood patio cover. 

Luckily, there are things you can do to ensure that it looks great in your backyard.

Many people suggest going with a black aluminum patio cover if you can’t decide what color fits your decor. It will look sleek and modern, with just a simple color choice. 

They Retain and Conduct Heat

Because we are talking about a metal-based patio cover, it’s important to note that it won’t provide the same cooling power level as a non-metal material.

It’s certainly a lot better than frying in direct sunlight, but this is something to keep in mind if you live in an area that gets very hot. 

Aluminum Patio Cover Tips

There are many things to consider when buying your patio cover and decorating the space. We wanted to provide some things to consider before making a decision.

Consider a DIY Kit

Paying someone else to install your patio cover makes sense, but it is also very pricey. The labor cost can be anywhere from $5 – $35 per square foot, which can add up very quickly.

To save money and perhaps have a fun weekend project to do. Considering going for a DIY installation kit instead (like this one). They will include what you need as well as helpful instructions to ensure the project goes smoothly.

If you’d like a video demonstration on how the building process might look, we’ve included a video below:

Make Your Patio Feel at Home

It’s not the patio cover that makes the patio, rather what you do with it. Suppose you plan on spending plenty of time outdoors on your patio.

In that case, it is worth considering investing in outdoor furniture that will make the experience comfortable for you and your guests. 

Comfortable seating such as an outdoor couch and having a large dining table with comfy chairs can make all the difference. Outdoor furniture such as this Ohana 7-Piece Outdoor Furniture Sectional Conversion Set will transform your patio, and you will definitely get compliments!

You may also want to consider other additions such as a fire pit as a centerpiece where people can gather. The look of your patio cover does not make or break the overall aesthetic, so don’t worry too much whether or not an aluminum patio cover is the most perfect aesthetically pleasing option. 

Don’t Buy Too Cheap

Patio covers are a big investment, making it tempting to see how much you can get away with choosing the cheaper options. But we would advise against this if you can help it.

An aluminum patio cover can easily last a lifetime, but if you are buying something closer to aluminum foil than something that can take on the elements, you aren’t going to get too far with it. 

You want your patio cover to be sturdy and thick enough to where it won’t be easily damaged.

Generally, if you are looking at options that are over $2200, you should be safe, but if you want something that on the upper range, then you are looking at costs closer to $4000 – $5000

You can also look into flexible financing plans if you can’t pay upfront. Remember the saying, “buy once cry once.”

Look for Deals on Patio Furniture

I actually did a deep dive on when you should buy patio furniture. If you are looking to save money, try to shop in the fall between August and October.

This window of time is when stores are clearing out their leftover summer items, including patio furniture. 

The same goes if you are planning to purchase a grill. Because the summer grilling months have passed, stores want to get rid of leftover inventory and put out nice deals. 


An aluminum patio cover is worth it for its durability, affordability, low maintenance, and customizability. They are one of the best materials you can choose from if you want something functional to provide shade and protect the patio from rain and snow. 


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