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How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Your Outdoor Area

How to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Your Outdoor Area

A covered patio, porch, balcony or gazebo is an excellent value addition to any home or commercial establishment. It gives a breather from the confines of the indoors and becomes a cocoon to unwind after a long day.

It’s also the perfect place to relax with your favorite book and a hot cup of tea. But it’s a different matter altogether when there is a rainstorm.

During a downpour, the same outdoor space can become problematic. Rainwater may collect there, making it slippery and therefore, dangerous.

If it’s a rainstorm with heavy winds, the water may enter your interior space. So, keeping rain from blowing in the outdoor area is a top priority for homeowners, whether it’s a narrow balcony or a wide patio.

From porch blinds to screen shades and roll-up curtains, here’s a list of 7 ways in which you can cover your outdoor space.

7 Ways to Keep Rain from Blowing in on Your Outdoor Area

We’ve already covered how to keep rainwater from leaping over your gutters. But here are 7 great ways to keep it from launching into your porch or patio!

Retractable awnings

Awnings give you the freedom to use the cover only when you want it. You can also use them as a shield for sunny days.

They come in some stunning colors that will bring alive the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. The popular blue and white or green and white-colored awnings are usually in stark contrast to the surrounding walls.

They are also waterproof. Unfortunately, they don’t hold their ground against strong winds.

Lean-in roofs

For those looking for a more permanent cover, lean-in roofs are a cost-effective option. Made from fabric or PVC, these can be used to cover the entire outdoor or balcony area.

If the area receives enough sunlight, it would be better to choose a cover made of PVC. Unlike awnings though, there’s no flexibility to remove them when you don’t need the cover.

Full-roof structures

If you own the house and are looking for an option that’s both functional and aesthetic, full-roof structures are a good bet.

The tempered-glass roofs can be either tinted or clear. The tinted ones not only provide much-needed shade but also protects the area from UV-rays. Some roofs can also be remote-controlled to cover or retract.

On the flip side, full-roof structures are an expensive option.

Outdoor blinds

If you stay in a windy area, transparent blinds made of PVC are a viable choice to protect your patio or balcony.

When it’s a sunny day and it’s the perfect weather to lounge on your balcony, the screen porch shades will ensure that the area gets enough sunlight. And when it rains, they will protect the balcony from getting wet.

A disadvantage is that the material resembles plastic and therefore, isn’t an elegant choice.

Fake-wood blinds

If outdoor blinds made of PVC look inferior to you, fake-wood blinds are worth exploring. They resemble wood panels but are made to be stronger and more waterproof.

These rollup curtain blinds are an affordable cover against rain and provide shade when it’s sunny. A word of caution though. It tends to get dark when the fake-wood blinds are pulled down.

Mesh blinds

Rains also mean mosquitoes, insects, and other pests.

An effective way to block all these from intruding upon your outdoor area is through blinds made of mesh. They are more transparent than fake-wood blinds and do an excellent job of keeping mosquitoes and insects out.

An advantage of mesh blinds is that you also have multiple colors to choose from. A disadvantage is that there will be some amount of rain coming through the screen.

Glass panels

Finally, we have glass panels.

With these retractable panels, you can enjoy the outdoor space when it’s sunny and you can protect it during rain by pulling down the panels. But be ready to avail of the services of professionals for installation.

Also, when they are pulled down, the area won’t be ventilated enough.

Final Thoughts

There you have, a variety of options to keep rain from blowing in on your outdoor area. Analyze the weather conditions in your area and choose the one that suits your budget. Then, pull up your lounge chair and pick up a paperback. The outdoor area is all yours to enjoy.

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