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Outdoor Fire Pit BTU Guide

an outdoor fire pit with a lot of BTUs

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sharing a winter night with friends around a fire pit. The warm atmosphere of camaraderie accented by the flickering flames of the fire pit leads to unforgettable experiences. That said, when it comes to something like installing and maintaining a fire pit in your home, you naturally want to make sure your fire pit is up for the task at hand. With that in mind, this outdoor fire pit BTU guide can help you ensure that everything is ready to go before you set yours ablaze.

Getting The Smell Out Of Patio Cushions

old smelly patio furniture is nothing to laugh at

An outdoor patio area can be the crown jewel of your home. Not only is it a great place to entertain guests, but it’s a great opportunity to show off your decorating chops with fabulous furnishings. Is there anything better than sharing a fine summer breeze and your beverage of choice while relaxing with friends on your patio furniture?

Unfortunately, if the cushions lining your patio armchairs and sofas smell of mildew, mothballs, or any number of odoriferous items, you can bet that guests will be left wrinkling their noses.

To save yourself from embarrassment, you’ll want to follow these tips for getting the smell out of your patio cushions.

How to (Properly) Dry Patio Cushions

potentially dry your patio cushions with a fan

It might have happened when you accidentally forgot to cover your furniture before that massive summer storm hit (this is likely if you live in a rainy climate). Perhaps your home was hit by not just a storm but a full-blown hurricane. Maybe a nor’easter, and no amount of covering could spare your cushions from the soak job. It might have simply happened due to splashing from your pool, sprinklers on your lawn, or simply someone spilling a drink.

There are any number of reasons why your patio cushions may have gotten soaked. The question is, how do you properly dry your patio cushions?

Keep Cats From Scratching On Your Patio

a cat on the patio

Outdoor cats can be a welcome addition to any outdoor space. They protect your house from mice and other vermin and reduce stress and anxiety. But that benefit quickly evaporates if your furry buddies have a habit of scratching your precious patio furniture. Rather than getting angry, consider employing some simple strategies to eliminate the problem completely. Not sure how? No worries — keep reading and learn how to keep cats from scratching your outdoor furniture.

The Best Hardware To Hang A Porch Swing

idyllic porch swing

Porch swings are a treasured topic for me — I have spent countless evenings watching the sun go down, idly swinging on the porch. I’ve installed my fair share and I’ve even researched how much they typically weigh! As much time as I’ve spent reading about them and installing them, I finally have some recommendations about the best hardware to hang a porch swing. Stick with me, and let’s explore our options.

Patio Furniture For Rainy Climates: Buyer’s Guide

patio furniture in rainy weather

Decay, corrosion, rust, and mildew — rainy weather absolutely wreaks havoc on non water-resistant outdoor furniture. The good news is that rain doesn’t have to be the bane of your patio’s existence. With the correct materials, fabrics, and a little elbow grease, patio furniture can withstand all kinds of weather. From torrential downpours to light drizzles, manufacturers create products for any conditions. So if you have a great outdoor space and live in a damp area, do your research. You’ll definitely want to buy the best patio furniture for a rainy climate.

How Much Slope Should A Patio Have?

a large downward slope

A patio can be a wonderful addition to any home. It provides a relaxing spot for friends and family to gather, and it allows you to spend more quality time outdoors. However, it is important that a patio have the proper slope when it is constructed. Rainy days will almost certainly bring water to your patio, and if it is not sloped properly, you can end up with standing water that attracts mosquitoes or even worse, water that moves toward your home and its foundation. So, how much slope should a patio have?

What Causes Black Smoke Coming From Your Patio Heater?

black smoke (not coming from a patio heater)

Make no mistake — a patio heater can provide you with an opportunity to use your patio further well into the colder months of the year. This means that you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the mercury falls into the blue. However, you have to properly upkeep your unit, unless you want to literally be left in the cold! So, what are you supposed to do when your patio heater starts spewing black smoke? Hang tight, and let’s troubleshoot the black smoke together.

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Patio

keep this wasp away from your patio!

If your patio is anything like mine, it seems to attract more and more wasps every year. Even the old timers tell me they don’t remember so many pesky, stinging wasps hanging around in their day. Why might this be the case? Some people say that climate change is causing fewer cold days, which means that wasps can survive through the winter in some places. I’m not a climate scientist, but there’s no denying that wasp colonies are larger every year, and they have systems to warn other wasps when danger is present. They release a chemical called pheromones that summons other wasps to come to their aid. For these reasons, it is best to find ways to keep wasps away from your patio without swatting at them or taking actions that will make them angry. At this point, you might be wondering “How?”

How To Light A Patio Heater Manually

an unlit patio heater

Everybody knows that I love patio heaters. They’re incredible assets because they allow you to use your patio when the weather gets cooler. This means that you can enjoy this extra living space during a greater part of the year. Although many patio heaters have an automatic ignition, sometimes it can fail. You need to know how to light a patio heater manually if the automatic ignition fails to work. Pull up a chair, and let’s go through it together.